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Designed for travel, crafted for escapism and made to roam. Wherever you go, our 2020 bags, packs and travel accessories range is right there with you, trip after trip.
Whether packing up for a long weekend roaming the coast, heading out for summer escapes closer to home, long hauling to places further afield or just stowing essentials on your daily commute; we’ve got your back.

From the surf to the summit our range of rucksacks, duffel bags and packaways are perfect for every trip. We source our inspiration from nomadic lifestyles, and from the memories we take away from our own travels. We understand how important it is to keep belongings protected and secure. Passenger Clothing rucksacks are versatile and study, constructed with lightweight, waterproof materials, without sacrificing substance for style. Our travel cases, organisers and totes are made from excess materials as part of our zero-waste programme, and are ideal for travel documents, headphones and all those essentials for your journey. Made from the same durable and lightweight materials as Passenger Clothing’s bags and jackets, giving you peace of mind and allowing you to focus on your travel experience. Other accessories include wallets, wash bags and laptop cases. Read less