What is the minimum order I can place?

We're free from minimum order values, so feel free to order as much or as little as you’d like. Orders over £1500 will also receive free delivery.

Can I place an order over the phone?

We love to chat, but the only way to place an order is via your D2B portal.  If you have any questions though, feel free to drop an email over to Laura at laurab@passenger-clothing.com

Is there a catalogue you can send?

We're paper-free, and to reduce our footprint as much as possible, we no longer publish physical catalogues.

What’s the margin?

All our products come with a markup of 2.

Can I sell Passenger products on my website?

No, our partnerships only cover resale of our goods through physical bricks and mortar retail stores.

Does ‘No Online Resale’ include sites like Amazon, eBay, Zalando etc?

Yes it does, we don’t permit resale of any goods via third party websites.

Do you offer your entire collection on the B2B portal?

Not always, we curate the styles offered on your B2B portal to include best sellers, key categories and top styles with marketing support.

Do you supply visual assets?

We provide plenty of imagery for all products which are available for you to download alongside full product details.

Is credit available?

No, we don’t offer credit. Your order balance is due in full at the point of purchase.

Why are some products in plastic? 

All of our outbound post packaging is 100% zero plastic. This is because it's totally within our capability to change and convert to a sustainable means. Our inbound packaging comes directly from our manufacturers, and there are a few reasons as to why they still use plastic bags on products.

The main reason is because a wasted product is far worse than any amount of sustainably sourced packaging. For example, if a product gets damaged, broken, destroyed (by water, moisture, etc) or is compromised along the shipping/transport process then this makes the product effectively useless, and the product becomes waste. Which also means the whole process led to making the product becomes null & void (the Net Co2 footprint to manufacture).

We're fully committed to becoming the most sustainably and ethically conscious within our means. Which means, if it's viably possible, we're looking to implement it. We're in the process of testing sugar starch 'plastic' product bags, many of our new products have 'naked' packaging such as our shirts and Turkish towels, and our robes and blankets come in a re-usable stuff sack that's been made from off-cuts of the fabrics used to produce these products.

Our motto is 'waste is worse', and in the meantime we really appreciate your concern and support in helping us on our eco-journey.