Terms Of Service

Please read carefully before accepting this stockist agreement. The term ‘Stockist’ is used to mean any purchaser of products from Passenger Clothing for onwards sale to end users.

You, the Stockist, accept;

    • Access to the Passenger Clothing Collection can only be initiated following Acceptance of our stockist agreement at Passenger Clothing.

    • Your stockist agreement applies to the website detailed below only. Payment for the goods is made at the point of purchase. No Credit terms are available.

    • To avoid confusion with illicit offerings, Passenger Clothing stockists shall not use auction or marketplace sites for Passenger Clothing product.

    • If you stock Passenger Clothing in your own bricks and mortar store, that stock shall not be accessible to customers through a wholly owned and operated website or that of a third-party platform’s website.

    • Passenger Clothing reserves the right to withdraw your permission to use all Passenger Clothing intellectual property including imagery, trademarks or other branding if your use of them is deemed by Passenger Clothing to be brand damaging.

    • Stockist purchase performance and commitment will be reviewed seasonally and you may lose access to the brand.

    • Passenger Clothing reserves the right to withdraw your access to the brand during the season, if it is shown that you are unable to properly support the brand.

    • Passenger Clothing reserves the right, by giving notice to you at any time before delivery, to increase the price of the goods to reflect any increase in cost which is due to any factor beyond the control of Passenger Clothing (such as, without limitation, any foreign exchange fluctuation, currency regulation, alteration of duties, significant increase in the costs of labour, materials or other costs of manufacture.)

    • Passenger Clothing reserves the right to increase or decrease Retail Prices on passenger-clothing.com without notice.

    • Passenger Clothing reserves the right to withdraw access to the brand should you be found to be supplying Passenger Clothing product to anyone other than the end consumer.

    • Passenger Clothing will not guarantee availability in-season. All orders are supplied on a first come, first served basis and therefore we encourage you to invest in sufficient inventory and to make use of our stock availability update which is communicated regularly.

    • Once an order has been received and accepted by Passenger Clothing, it can no longer be cancelled by you. Should you cancel a forward order without prior notification and authorisation from Passenger Clothing, Passenger Clothing reserves the right to remove your access to Passenger Clothing product.

  • Passenger Clothing standard terms and conditions of trade apply.

I have read and accepted all aspects of the terms and conditions of the Passenger Clothing stockist agreement.